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Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

To ensure your welfare and comfort in the event of your incapacity and a smooth transition upon your passing, you can trust the knowledgeable advice of Stephen S. Choi, Attorney at Law. Estate Planning can often times be a complicated affair. Every family has different circumstances, and every person has their own unique needs. With his expertise in a wide array of Estate Planning specializations, Stephen S. Choi can present his clients with clear, easy to understand options to make their decision process comfortable, and guide them to the right choices. 

Medicaid & Elder Law

One of the most overlooked costs in life are those that we incur in our later years. Although advances in medicine are allowing us to live longer, the cost of nursing home care is rising and many individuals may outlive their wealth. Stephen S. Choi can provide you with Medicaid strategies to protect your assets from nursing home costs so that you may best provide for your surviving spouse and a legacy for your children.
Estate planning and taxation services in Honolulu, HI

Probate & Estate Administration

Stephen S. Choi has extensive knowledge and experience with assisting those who have ascended to a role of responsibility over a loved one's trust, probate estate or physical well being. He will assist you with conducting these fiduciary matters in an efficient and expeditious manner. From inventorying assets and preparing an accounting to paying creditor claims and distributing assets to the beneficiaries, he will make sure everything is in order and the trust and estate are properly administered.

Incapacity & Special Needs

Stephen S. Choi can assist families who have a member with special needs with designing an Estate Plan that will ensure the recipient will not be disqualified from receiving government benefits after becoming a beneficiary. He can further help these families provide their special needs child with support supplemental to these government benefits.

Estate Planning and Taxation

You don't have to be wealthy or advanced in age to benefit from creating an Estate Plan. If you have children, a spouse or loved ones, an Estate Plan will help minimize the administrative delays, legal costs and uncertainty that you may place on them during a period of transition. Stephen S. Choi will help you create the perfect plan that spells out your exact wishes. He can provide his clients with everything from Simple Wills to a Revocable Living Trusts together with Advanced Directives and Powers of Attorney.

Business Succession

Plan for the future of your family business with the help of Stephen S. Choi. Failure to plan ahead may result in estate taxes, interruptions in management and control and conflicts between partners that may jeopardize the future and value of the continuing business. A solid Business Succession plan will help provide for an orderly transition of ownership interests and protect the valuation of the family business.
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Asset Protection

Stephen S. Choi can assist you with establishing an Estate Plan which can incorporate protective provisions for your assets. These protections can ensure your wealth stays in your bloodline and will be insulated from the consequences of the following:
  • Creditor Claims
  • Bankruptcy Proceedings
  • Divorce Actions
  • Professional Malpractice Judgments 
  • Personal Injury Lawsuits
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